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Mission Statement


MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to earn your respect by serving you with the utmost Professional State of the Art Chiropractic Care. "If your in pain, we got your back and want to help get out of pain quickly". Also, by working with your other Doctor's when necessary, to make sure all your Health Care needs are properly addressed to get YOU OPTIMAL HEALTH AND OUT OF PAIN QUICKLY.

We want to Diagnose the cause of your pain, then treat the cause appropriately. At Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC., we do this with our well experienced Health Care Team who provides you with the Finest Chiropractic Care available in North Carolina. First, we want to know all about how we can help YOU by listening (English and Espanol Bilingual Full Time Staff). Then, a through examine for all the areas YOU need pain relief. If necessary, we have onsite Digital X-Ray Equipment to get a closer look to see what may be causing the pain.

Our goal then, is to use the Highest Technology available to locate the source of your pain, or Health ailment. Usually our treatments work effectively in getting you out of pain fast and back to living a full happy life. Sometimes, we need extra testing or treatment not available in our Clinic along with your Chiropractic Care. We have strong relationships with other Specialist and Primary Care Physician's when needed to maximize your recovery. Normally, our Chiropractic Treatment will fully allow your bodies innate ability to heal and feel completely better without needing to refer you to another Physician for the pain. At our Clinic we give our patient's multiple treatment options from the Latest Greatest Technology in delivering GENTLE Chiropractic Care without any "popping or cracking noises".

Furthermore, treating specifically the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) painlessly with our State of the Art High Technology equipment that no other Chiropractor has in the Piedmont Triad. Therefore, delivering YOU outstanding IMMEDIATE POSITIVE HEALTH RESULTS ! Or, "Traditional Chiropractic" treatment, with the typical "popping" noises if you prefer. The vast number of Chiropractic Techniques Dr. Stoetzel is well trained and experienced in, allows YOU to have CHOICES, so YOU can receive Chiropractic Care with our goal of painless and successful treatment results. The Clinic has a fully equipped Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy area too.

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