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Practice History

In November of 1994, Dr. Stoetzel opened Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic on Peter's Creek Parkway. This was after being a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in New York State at a very busy Practice as an Associate Doctor. This experience help give Dr. Stoetzel plenty of experience to start his own practice. He built his practice mainly from his patient's referring friends and family in for Chiropractic Care. Dr. Stoetzel also was engaged in many Health Fair's. Screening people's spine's for Scoliosis and other Postural abnormalities. Soon, he was being invited to do Speaking engagements at Wake Forest University for both their Professional Staff and Janitorial Staff on several occasions. He also, lectured at the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Pathology Department on a Healthy Back Program and answered many questions regarding how Chiropractic work's. He did classes for the YMCA numerous times on subjects like Stress Reduction, Exercise, Proper Posture, Stretching and Proper lifting, Ergonomics and of course Chiropractic care. He spoke at Assisted Living Facilities on many of the same subject's. He did some Worker's Compensation injury work for Roadway Trucking Company and was subsequently invited to do Health talks by the Terminal Manager for the Dock Worker's at the Kernersville location. Since the mid 1990's he has been the only Chiropractor on the City of Winston-Salem's Preferred Care Provider list. During his relationship with the City, he has done Health and Ergonomic lectures for employee's, along with their annual Health Fair. The City Nurse's and the Medical Director would refer injured patient's that wanted Chiropractic Care. Dr. Stoetzel also, worked with PrimeCare and received Worker's Compensation referral from the Provider's there who treated City worker's that were injured. Dr. Stoetzel worked with Dr. Leon Grobler the Orthopedic Surgeon who started the "Spine Center" at Wake Forest Univ. Baptist Hospital. Through these relationships, Dr. Stoetzel was invited by Dr. Grobler to work in the Spine Center at Wake Forest's Baptist Hospital and participate in research incorporating Chiropractic Treatment into the Spine Center. Dr. Todd Troost, Chairman of the Neurology Department at Baptist Hospital for 30 year's, referred many Headache and Neck Pain patient's of his to Dr. Stoetzel for Chiropractic Treatment. These were patient's not responding to standard Medical care. When Dr. Troost retired, he passed Dr. Stoetzel's name along to Dr. Jackson as the Chiropractor whom he trusted in getting results for his patient's not responding to medicines. Dr. Jackson utilized Chiropractic Treatment at our Clinic frequently. Dr. Stoetzel now work's often with Salem Neurological in giving the Neurologists there another type of care for their patient's. Dr. Stoetzel has also worked with Orthopaedic Specialist's of the Carolina's amongst many other Medical Physician's. Dr. Stoetzel enjoy's a collaborative approach in helping his patient's and also is there for Medical Physician's when they feel Chiropractic Care may benefit their patient's.

Many local Attorney's trust Dr. Stoetzel with their client's who need Medical care after a car accident. Dr. Stoetzel enjoy's helping these injured patient's and work's with the Attorney and their Client upon settlement with the Auto Insurance Company. He also work's directly with the Auto Insurance Companies for payment when an Attorney hasn't been retained by his injured patient. Dr. Stoetzel want's injured patient's to get the care the need and makes it the patient's choice if they want to have an Attorney or not. Dr. Stoetzel always puts the care the patient need's first. He will patiently wait to get paid once his patient is at a point of maximum medical improvement and is satisfied with their settlement with the Auto Insurance Carrier.

Dr. Stoetzel is proud to except Medicare and Medicaid. He is also a preferred care provided for most all Health Insurance Companies. The Insurance staff is very experienced in filing your insurance for you electronically. Furthermore, the are happy to verify and get all the details of your Health Insurance Benefits.

Referrals from your Primary Care Physician aren't needed to utilize your Chiropractic Benefits under your Health Insurance Plan. Medicaid is the only exception where we do need a referral from your PCP.

In 2010, Dr. Stoetzel was the first Chiropractor to purchase the Latest High Technology Equipment called the "Ultralign" and has been getting amazing quick results with this new Technology. Patient's love to "see" Scientifically where there is Spinal Joint Restriction in their Spine. This Spinal misalignment "struck" out of place can pinch soft delicate spinal nerves and soft Disc's that can cause permanent damage to these vital structures. Your Nervous System is the bodies "electrical system" connecting your Brain cells to all your Tissue cells (including all your vital Organs). It's impossible to Heal or Feel your best if "your spines getting on your nerves". Now the very young and very old, along with all ages in between aren't afraid of getting Chiropractic Care with this fantastic Technology. There is no manipulating the body into any uncomfortable position, nor is there any "popping or cracking" noises that scare some people away from trying to feel better through Chiropractic Care. In fact, the treatment with this machine is not only painless, but pleasurable to the patient ! Afterwards, we can immediately do the analysis again to the Spine and "see" what positive changes have been made to the spinal motion. So, try Chiropractic First, Drugs Second and Surgery as your last resort when your in pain !

In May 2011, Dr. Stoetzel purchased a Medical Suite in Brookview Hills Medical Center next to Outback Steakhouse off Hanes Mall Blvd. He has had the Medical Suite updated and made the Clinic very patient friendly. It is a beautiful Facility.

In the beginning of November 2011, Dr. Stoetzel upgraded his X-Ray machine to a Digital X-Ray Machine !

Thank you for taking the time to read our website. We are absolutely thrilled to present to you the Chiropractic Clinic of the future, here today ! Only the very best for our patient's !! You have nothing to lose but your Health and once you let that go it's gone. So, stop by and check us out, or better yet call 336-773-1177 for a FREE Consultation and Tour.

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