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Back Pain

Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic in Winston-Salem, NC Offers Help For Common Back Pain

Back pain can happen at any time. Whenever you engage in work activities, athletic activities, home maintenance projects or unusual movements, your back is at risk. Back problems can be either intermittent or chronic and can have a significant impact on your everyday life. At Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic, your chiropractor Winston Salem, we can provide pain treatment that helps to relieve pain and improve function.

man suffering from back pain during a work meeting

Actions That Trigger Back Pain

Back injuries generally occur when individuals are putting unusual strain on spinal structures. Lifting is a common action that can result in back pain. Individuals who engage in sports may sustain an injury during a sudden, twisting movement or during an impact with another player. Many people sustain a back injury during home remodeling projects, performing lifting, holding or stretching movements they don’t usually do. Back pain can also result from repetitive movements at work. Auto accidents are another cause of back problems that can result in chronic pain and loss of flexibility.

Conditions Associated With Back Pain

Sudden back injuries can often be the cause of damage to spinal structures that lead to chronic pain. Disc herniation is a common problem that can cause ongoing pain. Degenerative disc disease causes the discs to weaken over time, leading to discomfort and poor function. Facet joint dysfunction sometimes occurs that leads to disc problems and discomfort. Spinal stenosis can occur, which compresses nerves that run through the spinal canal. Spondylolisthesis is a condition, in which one of the vertebrae slip onto the top of an adjacent one, which can cause nerve compression and pain. Osteoarthritis from aging can also occur that leads to chronic back pain.

Back Pain Treatment By Chiropractor Winston Salem

Your Winston Salem chiropractor can offer a variety of treatments to aid back pain. Manual adjustment helps to re-align the spine, re-position spinal discs and relieve pressure on nerves. Massage therapy can help to heal soft tissue damage and improve movement. Hydromassage is another method that speeds healing and improves mobility. K-Laser offers low-frequency stimulation of tissues to improve healing and relieve pain. We can also provide corrective exercises that will help to strengthen supporting muscles. Finally, your chiropractor Winston Salem can offer lifestyle advice to prevent re-injury of back structures.

Make Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic Your Chiropractor Winston Salem, NC

Dr. John Stoetzel has extensive training and experience in providing care for a variety of physical injuries. With a bilingual staff and a commitment to individualized care, you can rely on professional care and fast relief from discomfort. Call Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic today at 336-773-1177 for an appointment to learn more about back pain treatment that can relieve discomfort and improve your spinal function.

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