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Neck Pain

Understanding Neck Pain Causes and Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment

When you have neck pain, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else but your pain. Even the smallest movement can trigger throbbing pain in your neck, shoulder, and back. Pinpointing the source of your pain is essential to determining treatment. A visit to Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic will put you touch with a professional chiropractor who can diagnose your condition and recommend options for treatment. Here’s what you can expect from seeing a chiropractor Winston-Salem for neck pain treatment.


On your first visit to Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic, we’ll review your health history, observe your physical condition, i.e. posture, mobility, flexibility, etc., and give you a physical exam to determine the state of your health. Our chiropractor will examine your neck, shoulder and back to see if there are any abnormalities. He’ll also test your muscle strength and reflexes. Depending on your circumstances, we may order x-rays or an MRI to aid in getting an accurate diagnosis and to rule out the need for surgery.

Causes of Neck Pain

You may have neck pain for any number of reasons. An auto accident or slip and fall could cause soft tissue injuries that produce pain and discomfort. Neck strains can lead to painful muscle spasms and inflexibility, limiting your mobility.  Aging can cause neck pain due to degenerative disorders such as arthritis. Neck pain can be caused by spinal stenosis, a narrowing of your spinal canal which can cause pinched nerves in your back. Bad living habits such as poor posture, sleeping in the wrong position, obesity, smoking, stress, and overexertion at the gym can also result in painful neck issues.   

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment

Once your chiropractor has determined the cause of your neck pain, he can create a personalized plan for treatment. Chiropractic treatments are comprised of manipulation and adjustment techniques to reduce muscle tension and eliminate pain. The human body has an amazing capacity for healing. The non-invasive techniques of chiropractic treatments work with the body to help it heal naturally. Your neck pain treatment plan may utilize one or more of the following techniques:

    • Manual adjustments
    • Spinal manipulation
    • Trigger Point Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Hot/Cold Therapy
    • Rehab exercises

Working with a professional chiropractor from Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic in Winston-Salem can help facilitate your recovery from painful neck injuries. Chiropractic techniques offer a safe, natural means of getting pain relief without resorting to the use of prescription medications that can be addictive. By adopting healthy living habits, you can reduce your risk of suffering from painful neck issues.  

Schedule a Consultation with Your Chiropractor Winston-Salem 

For help in diagnosing and treating neck pain, contact Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic. You can schedule a consultation with your Winston-Salem chiropractor by calling 336-773-1177 today.

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