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Sciatica Pain Relief from Your Chiropractor in Winston Salem, NC

For a patient with sciatica, just getting through a normal daily routine can be a challenge.  Our Winston Salem chiropractor offers several treatment options for patients at our Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic.  Chiropractic care focuses on natural, non-invasive therapies to achieve sciatica pain relief.

Sciatica pain being treated

Overview of Sciatica

Most people who have heard about sciatica assume it represents a specific medical diagnosis.  They are often surprised to learn that it is a symptom of a condition.

Sciatic nerve pain occurs with compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve.  This nerve arises where nerve roots join in the lower spine.  It then runs down the leg and into the foot.

Sciatic discomfort typically links to a particular misalignment of the spine.  Common reasons include degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, lumbar spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, a lumbar herniated disc, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

One of the unusual things about sciatica is the variation in symptoms patients experience.  While some report being in constant pain, others experience only intermittent discomfort.  It is usually possible to trace a patient’s sciatic symptoms to a particular site of sciatic nerve irritation or compression.

The most common patient complaints include:

    • Pain characterized as sharp instead of dull
    • A sensation of numbness or weakness when attempting to move a foot or a leg
    • Pain that gets worse when sitting or standing
    • Toe pain
    • Lower back pain that feels less severe than leg pain
    • Unending pain in one side of a leg or a buttock, typically not two
    • Sensations of prickling, numbness, or weakness the length of a leg
    • Shooting or severe leg pain that makes it difficult to walk
    • Pain originating in the lower back or the buttock and extending down the back of a thigh and into the leg and the foot

Sciatica Treatment Options

At an initial consultation, our chiropractor performs a comprehensive physical exam and evaluates the patient’s health history and symptoms.  This reveals the specific points where spinal subluxations occur.  Once our doctor has diagnosed the cause of the individual’s discomfort, we provide an individualized treatment plan for sciatica pain relief.

Chiropractic avoids using surgery or medication to restore wellness.  The use of manual adjustments to manipulate the spine is an important component of treating sciatica.  These adjustments correct misalignments that cause pain.  Some patients also benefit from physical exercises, massage therapy, hydromassage, or a combination.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Winston Salem Chiropractor

Sciatica doesn’t have to detail the activities our Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic patients love.  Our Winston Salem chiropractor offers state-of-the-art technology in patient treatment.  To find out how chiropractic care can help you, call us today at (336) 773-1177 to schedule an appointment.

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