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Shoulder Pain

Visit our Winston-Salem Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you live in or near Winston-Salem, NC and are experiencing shoulder pain, we here at Stoetzel Chiropractic Clinic have a variety of treatment options for you. Our chiropractor, Dr. Stoetzel, understands the limitations shoulder pain can bring and he wants to give you lasting pain relief. Our chiropractic care treatments are natural ways to eliminate shoulder pain and also prevent it from recurring in the future. You do not need to continue with shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Whether your pain started with an auto accident, repetitive sports play, or a misalignment in your spine or shoulder, our chiropractor, Dr. John Stoetzel can help. He’ll be able to determine which combination of chiropractic services will provide fast and effective shoulder pain relief.

The goal is to align your shoulder joint for smooth movements and pain-free mobility. Our chiropractor achieves this through gentle chiropractic adjustments to your spine and shoulder joint. Once your shoulder is in alignment, your pain will begin to ease and your arm's range of motion should return.

To partner with our chiropractic adjustments, we also use K-laser therapy. Laser therapy with our Winston-Salem chiropractor is a natural way to reduce inflammation in your shoulder joint and stimulate the recovery of injured tissues. You will not experience any pain from the laser light. The only sensation K laser therapy creates is a gentle warming as it stimulates the cells in your body.

Corrective exercises also play a part in our healing plans. These exercises are designed to improve your strength for pain-free mobility.

Massage therapy helps to reduce pain, ease muscle tension, and improve range of motion. 

All of these different treatment modalities are useful for treating pain almost anywhere on the body, including the shoulder.

Contact our Winston-Salem Chiropractor Today

Dr. Stoetzel is available Monday through Friday with office hours to fit your needs. If you travel to Winston-Salem for work, we are able to accommodate you before or after work to reduce your shoulder pain. Instead of covering up the pain with medications, let our chiropractor show you how to eliminate the source of the pain and keep it at bay. Shoulder pain responds well to chiropractic care as Dr. Stoetzel aligns your shoulder joint for pain-free movement. Then, our care plan shows you how to maintain the shoulder position for the rest of your favorite activities. Our Winston-Salem chiropractor has the services you need to overcome shoulder pain, so schedule your appointment today by calling us at 336-773-1177.

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